Sirevåg harbour has become a part of the North Sea tall ships family since its first cruise-in-company event in 2015.




Sirevåg is getting itself ready for an large event in 2018, organised by the municipality of together with local organisations and businesses.

Tall Ship Races festival in Sirevåg 24th july 2018 Event program:

12 – 17 Ships are open to the public
12 – 16 ”The pirate dock” – activities and fun
12 – 19 Marknetplace with local food, activities and local products
12 and 14:30 Pirate show ”Pirate party” at center stage
16:00 Concert by Storm Weather Shanty Choir
18-22 Deck parties and pub-boat

“The singing sailors” and the accordion club “Jærbelgen” are playing throughout the day.

Download full program (pdf)


Sanitary facilities include indoor and mobile toilets and showers. Other facilities are water and electricity free of charge.

Quay capacity: Length: 320 m, depth: 4-9 m.

Download: Sirevåg – Harbour Fact Sheet (PDF)

Contacts: CEO Anne Berit Berge Ims, TSR Coordinator Anne Marie Gjølme