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Fun facts

  • Oldest ship: Caroline af Sandnes, built in 1885.
  • Youngest ship: Tuulelind (Estonia), built in 2016.
  • 130 years between the oldest and youngest ship.
  • 65 ships are registered. 24 of them are in the largest class (Class A) – against 21 in 2011.
  • Ships from 17 countries are registered.
  • Crews from 30 countries will be visiting.
  • The Tall Ships will stretch over 1.5 km of the harbour quayside – from Sandvigå, beside the Concert Hall, to Børevigå at the Oil Museum. The longest stretch of festival ever in Stavanger centre. Check out the layout of the Festival area.
  • Countries with the most ships participating: United Kingdom (12), Norge (10), The Netherlands (8), Denmark (5), Russia (5).

Events and people:

  • Between Esbjerg and Stavanger, a total of 72 young people from all over the region will be sailing The Tall Ships Races 2018 Stavanger. On the Stavanger-Harlingen leg we will be sending 92 sail trainees. In addition, some municipalities will be sending their own trainees, and many have registered directly with the ships. In total, more than 200 young people (15-25 yrs.) from Rogaland will sail with the ships this year.
  • On Friday between 13:00 and 20:00 we invite you to the take part in Stavanger´s largest ever quayside dance. Place: Stage 2 (Scene 2), Skagenkaien.
  • The Headline artists are Bjørn Eidsvåg (Thursday), Dagny (Friday) and Kvelertak (Saturday). See the complete program.
  • Over 180 exhibitors/stallholders have registered for the festival. The marketplaces along the quayside are an important part of the public life of the Ships Festival, creating atmosphere and experiences for the public and crews on-board the ships.
  • The Tall Ships Races has lots on offer for children. Børevigå and Torgavågen are the areas for the youngest. The main square is also an exciting place as well as going aboard the open ships, which is free.
  • Embo Stavanger (Housing and Care organisation for single minor refugees) is sending seven teenagers with refugee background, on the sailing trip.  Contact person: Lill Christin Salte (Tel. +47 992 53 924,
  • Memorial procession for seafarers who have been lost at sea is a permanent feature of the closing day of The Tall Ships Races. This year this will be a multi-faith procession with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Stavanger processing from the Cathedral along the quayside to the Indian Naval ship `Tarangini` moored at Skagenkaien.  A wreath will be presented to the crew of INS Tarangini who will take it out to the open sea and lower it into the sea.

Exciting ships:

Check out the map of where the ships are moored and the complete list of visiting ships.

The Russian replica of a frigate built by Peter the Great in 1703. No original drawings existed, but the new version was built in 1994 based on a wide range of historical sources. Building such a ship requires a large amount of wood, and the project was allowed to fell trees from an 18th century forest on the outskirts of St. Petersburg.

Read more about the ship.

Pirate ships:
In addition to Shtandart, the Spanish ship Atyla is probably the ship which most children will want to see. Both ships look like they have just sailed straight out of a pirate adventure.

The guest who has travelled the furthest to get to Stavanger is the beautiful and elegant Tarangini of the Indian Navy.

Alexander von Humboldt:
The ship with the greenest sails is easily seen from the sea and in the harbour. This is the ships first Tall Ships visit to Stavanger. The green colour of the sails is due to sponsorship by a green brewery.

The Russian giants:
MIR (94.80 m), Sedov (108.70 m) and Kruzenshtern (104.10 m) add a total of 307.6 metres of quayside in Stavanger. Sedov is the world´s largest sailing vessel.

Santa Maria Manuela
This Portuguese beauty was part of the Protuguese White (fishing) Fleet. It was launched in 1937, weathered over the years, but was fully restored between 2007 and 2010. Now she is an elegant ship with almost hotel standards on-board – and she brings with her two newly restored dories (small fishing boats) to sail in the harbour during the Tall Ships Festival.