Sørlandet coming to Stavanger

Sørlandet is the first Norwegian ship to register for The Tall Ships Races in 2018

Sørlandet has registered for the entire Tall Ships regatta series for 2018, which, in addition to Stavanger, has Sunderland (England), Esbjerg (Denmark) and Harlingen (The Netherlands) as host ports.

Many young People
Per Filip SommerstedtThe Director of Stiftelsen Fullriggeren, Per Filip Sommerstedt, looks forward to coming to Stavanger in the summer of 2018. The ship will also sail with young people from the Stavanger region during The Tall Ships Races in the Baltic Sea this summer.

“Stavanger is well known as a professional organiser of The Tall Ships Races, and we know that we will be in safe hands. During this year’s sailing, we are one of the ships that have the highest proportion of youngsters with us and we hope that this will be the case in 2018 as well”, says Sommerstedt.

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Oldest in the World
The ship celebrates 90 years this year. It was built in 1927 and is the oldest fully rigged ship in the world that still sails. Previously, she was a school ship for the education of young seaman, but today any adventurous sailor can sign up for short or long voyages. Since its launch, Sørlandet has been sailing to many parts of the world, including Bermuda, Boston, New York, Cape Verde, Morocco, Colombia, Costa Rica and Cuba. When Sørlandet arrives in Stavanger next year, with all her voyages behind her, she will become the first Norwegian school ship to have sailed around the world.

Strong ties to Rogaland
Sørlandet has had a close relationship with Rogaland county for many years.

“The Ship owner, O.A.T Skjelbred, who financed the construction, was originally from Egersund. For many years, he insisted that a certain proportion of the young seaman on board should be from Rogaland,” says Sommerstedt.

About Sørlandet
SS Sørlandet currently has a crew of up to 20 people and, in addition, has the capacity for 60 trainees or 150 passengers. The three-master is built in steel and is 56.7 metres long – or 64.2 metres if you include the bowsprit. The 27 sails on board total an area of 1236 sq.m., which is equivalent to one and a half football pitches.