Ready for the Tall Ships Festival?

The Tall Ships Races 2018 Stavanger is fast approaching. Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions we receive from you, the exhibitors, along with an order form for electricity, water and interior items.

Where will my stand be positioned, and when will the final exhibitor map be ready?

The deadline to apply as an exhibitor is 1 June. Up until this date there will be changes and amendments to the exhibitor map. The final map will be ready early in June. The sailing ships will be positioned along the length of the harbour, from Børevigå to Sandvogå, so your stand will be close to the ships wherever you are placed in the event area.

When do I get access to my stand and when can I bring in goods and equipment?

You will get access to your stand on Wednesday 25 July at 12:00. If you have ordered electricity, water and interior items, these will all be ready for you when you takeover the stand. Goods for the event can only be delivered between the times of 06:00 and 10:00! After 10:00 the event area is closed all to vehicles. The traffic will be blocked off at Uelandsgate (beside the Stavanger Concert Hall), along kongsgårdbakken and at the Oil Museum.

Where do I order electricity, water and extra chairs?

Electricity, water and interior items can be ordered directly from our suppliers, the same applies to catering supplies such as serviettes, disposable dishes etc. See the overview below and clink on the link to find the order form! NB: The deadline for ordering these services is 31 May!

Water and drainage, Osv. Sivertsen

Electricity, Stavanger Installasjon

Furniture, fire extinguishers, miscellaneous, Malerbua Utleie

Catering Supplies, Norengros Kjosavik


Can I bring my own refrigerated trailer?

You can bring your own refrigerated trailer, or order a refrigerated container from Malthus Uniteam. Remember to notify us that you are bringing your own refrigerated trailer so that we can find a suitable space for it – and remember to order enough power for the unit from Stavanger Installasjon.

Gas and fire safety

Report in if you are using gas and what type. All gas containers will be collected in the evening and delivered in the morning – they cannot be stored on site or in vehicles overnight. Each stand must be fitted with working fire extinguishing equipment. This can be ordered from Malerbua Utleie. 

I will be selling food and drink – how do I report to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority?

If you will be operating a catering business, it is mandatory that you notify the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. This also applies if you are going to sell your products at markets, festivals and the like. Make sure that you are registered at This does not apply to music corps and sports clubs selling cakes, fruit, soft drinks and the like.


Do I have to have staff lists and cash registers?

As an exhibitor, you are required to maintain a list which lists all staff working for you on your behalf, including unpaid and hired in staff. The list should show when the working day starts and ends and it must be available for inspection during opening hours. You can find examples of a staff list to use at 

Check that the payment system you use is approved by the Norwegian Tax Agency. Here you will find a list of checkout systems which are approved.

I need printed material and uniforms for my employees on my stand!

Contact Allkopi Netprint and Gosh Respond, they can help you.



We recommend the Victoria Hotel, in the middle of the harbour event area.