Lyse joins as sponsor

Lyse has joined The Tall Ships Races 2018 Stavanger as Project Sponsor.

“We look forward to becoming part of this magnificent event”, says Ove Jølbo, Executive Vice President of Lyse.

From 26 – 29 July 2018, Stavanger will again host The Tall Ships Races, and now one of the region’s most important companies has signed up.

“Social responsibility is part of Lyse’s DNA, and it is one of the key drivers for the collaboration we now enter into with The Tall Ships Races. The festival and the fantastic view of the sailing ships that are seen along the coast from Sirevåg to Stavanger is, of course, a great bonus, however, primarily it is about sending young trainees to sea: to get to the next port you must be able to set the sails, navigate and keep watch over the bow – in short, learn to sail”, says Mr. Jølbo.

Lyse becomes a project sponsor, and the trainees are a part of the Collaboration.

“The sea is like life, there can be storms and quiet, calm inlets and open sea – you have to learn to cope with it. We are looking forward to being part of the great ship festival”, says Mr. Jølbo.

The City of Stavanger and the Port of Stavanger are behind the Tall Ships event in Stavanger, and the project organisation is very pleased to have Lyse on board.

“Lyse is a modern company that brings history into the future, just as we do with The Tall Ships Races. It is particularly pleasing that Lyse will send young trainees (15-25 years old) with the sailing ships as part of the sponsorship”, says Project Manager Knud Helge Robberstad.