Join the ships on-board!

Most of the large ships will be open for visits on Thursday, Friday and Saturday during the Festival.

Thousands of Stavanger residents and visitors are looking forward to hosting the Tall Ships Races again from 26 – 29 July. The harbour will be full of ships, history, culture and many are delighted and proud to see the ships returning.

Some are wondering when the ships will be open to the public. Project Manager, Knud Helge Robberstad explains:

“The ships decide themselves when they want to be open and the times are usually posted on their gangways. There is free access on most of the ships”, he smiles.

It is not only possible to board the magnificent ships, but there is also the possibility to hire a ship for events. Several of the ships will also sell space on sailing trips and other types of events.

“We will be publishing information on our website as the ships programs and opening hours come in. It is also advisable to check out the list of events on our Facebook page”, says Robberstad.

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