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This year´s ships festival, in the harbour of Stavanger, will feature more big ships than when the event was held in 2011. Ships, from a total of 17 countries have signed up with crews from 30 different nations.

The Tall Ships Races in Stavanger will span a total of 1,5 km along the quayside of the harbour between 26 – 29 July. The list of ships attending is as good as ready, and Project Manager, Knud Helge Robberstad, is very pleased with the high level of interest.

”This year we have more of larger ships, Class A, than we had in 2011. The influx of these ships shows the attractiveness of the event in Stavanger and our reputation as a host city”, says the Project Manager.

65 ships registered

The registration is nearly complete and The Tall Ships Races Stavanger will total 65 ships.  24 of these are registered as Class A.

“We have the great Russian Kruzenshtern, Mir and Sedov in place. The three major Norwegian ships, Christian Radich, Stratsraad Lehmkuhl and Sørlandet and also coming. I can also confirm that the four local ships, Caroline af Sandnes, Frøya, Stina Mari, and Wyvern are also registered”, says Robberstad.

All of the 65 registered ships will be moored along the1.5 km length of the festival area – the longest length ever of rigged ships in the harbour.

International event

Both the citizens of the region and many thousands of visitors will meet the ships from 18 nations. The ship with the longest voyage to Stavanger is undoubtedly Tarangini, from India.

”The Tall Ships Races is a distinguished international event.  Not only do we have visiting ships from 18 separate nations, we also have the great pleasure in welcoming crews from over 30 nations”, says Robberstad.

Check out the list of attending ships

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