50 ships have registered!

A milestone was reached in February: 50 ships have signed up for this year’s ship festival in Stavanger.

Registrations have been flooding in from ships from all over the world to come to Stavanger this summer.

You can follow the overview of registered ships and read more about them on this page.

At the time of writing, we had 8 ships registered from The Netherlands, 10 from the UK, 3 from Russia and several visitors from our Nordic neighbours in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The list of participating ships will be finalised in May.

“This indicates that the ship festival in Stavanger is attractive to ships and their crews”, says Project Manager Knud Helge Robberstad.

Exotic visitor

The most exotic visitor comes from India:


On Schedule

“We are on schedule with the planning and now encourage everyone to set aside the dates, 26-29 July. With Gladmat the week before and the Blink Festival immediately after, there is no reason to holiday in any other place than Stavanger this year”, smiles Robberstad.

Volunteers and Stand holders

Robberstad also reminds us that the registration for both volunteers and stand holders has already started.

“There are many ways in which to get involved with The Tall Ships Races 2018 Stavanger. You can join as a trainee sailor, volunteer, stand holder or be part of the cultural program”, he says.

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